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What Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Air Flight Only) Covers

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Air Flight Only) provides coverage for any injury or death sustained while boarding, riding on, or exiting from, being struck by an aircraft, or run down by an aircraft. If the travel injury sustained due to the aircraft accident results, within 181 days of the accident, in the death of the insured traveler, in the severance of a limb, or in irretrievable loss of eyesight, speech or hearing, the Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Air Flight Only) coverage will pay the largest amount of the following benefits.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Air Flight Only) is available optionally in all of Travel Insured's plans at four levels of protection: $100,000; $250,000; $500,000 or $1 million.

The following table applies to results of the death or injury up to 181 days after the accident.

Table of Losses

Loss of:
Percentage of Maximum Limit Covered:
Life 100%
Both hands or both feet 100%
Sight of both eyes 100%
One hand and one foot 100%
Either hand or foot and sight of one eye 100%
Either hand or foot 50%
Sight of one eye 50%
Speech 50%
Hearing in both ears 50%
Thumb and index finger of same hand 25%

"Loss" with regard to:

Covered Travel Delays include:

  1. hand or foot means actual complete severance through and above the wrist or ankle joints
  2. eye means an entire and irrecoverable loss of sight
  3. speech or hearing means entire and irrecoverable loss of speech or hearing of both ears
  4. thumb and index finger means actual severance through or above the joint that meets the finger at the palm
Coverage and benefit eligibility may vary by state.
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